I am Mamushka!

Recently I made this fabric doll for my daughter, who, of course, has plastic Barbie with all sorts of stuff. But she asked me do this one for her. As all folk ancient things, this doll is not just a toy. It has several layers - magical, practical and pedagogical.

This kind of dolls with babies in their hands called Mamushka and they are not only toys, but a powerful amulet to protect the owner. To make Mamushka you only need some linen, cotton or wool rags, treads and hands. Of course, there are strict magic rules for making Mamushka (use only old fabric, which was a part of your clothes; use only red cotton or linen string to tie her body by magic cross way; do not draw the face (or spirits will settle down inside, booo!). You can believe or not - your doll will be perfect whatever. :)

I would like let you look closer at coziness, rusticity and warmness of these dolls.