Worthy felted knight helmet for milords and ladies.

Every knight or fairy princess from time to time needs a new helmet. I offer you a magic power to create it in a few time.

I've made this helmet for 4-years-old child. Her head circumference is 50 cm. My pattern  fits for head up to 54 cm circumference. If you need more - add width to each pattern part equally.

Let's begin!

There are the patterns. Each sheet is A4, just print it at 100% scale.

You will need:

1. A felt sheet or another stiff fabric, approximately 50x50 cm.

2. Thick thread and needle.

3. Two big buttons.

How to make:

Cut out the details. 

Don't forget to turn "front" detaile mirror-like if your fabriс has different sides. Felt fabric usually looks in the same way on the both sides.

Enclose parts digit to digit according the pattern. Short sides of front details must be together! Other sides are of the same size, so it is not very important.

Sew details together with nice decorative seams right on the front side.

Make nice decorative stitches on the front side of visor detail.

Attach buttons on the front sides of helmet.

Try on the visor on the helmet and cut through the loops where the buttons are. Then attach visor on the helmet.

Ta-daaam! Here we are!