Massaie Salentine

 I've found these incredible Signoras during the journey in Puglia, Italy. "Massaie" means "housewifes". And now two of them live in my home, but I wish have all of them.

Although Massaie are looking like very authentic, folk objects, they were born only 27 years ago in the workshop of Salentinian artist Maria Gabriella Epifani . They became an impersonation of the simple, peasant woman who works on the field, cares about the household and family and always is open for new information :) Look, Massaia's face has always a surprised expression.

Since 1990's, and after the great success of Maria Gabriella's work, the dozens of imitations appeared. Not all of them have the same spirit and charm. But some are not inferior to original by cuteness, IMHO.

                               Sexual revolution affected even peasant women :).

Massaie, despite the name, can be men, it is not a secret, that men also love to gossip ;-)

The pictures are from internet. :)