Alena Kish's secret garden.

Hi everybody! Today I would like to tell you about my secret passion in the belarusian folk art - Belarussian decorated carpets. On the picture above is my recent masterpiece :) - wooden painted tray. It's subject based on the famous chef-d'oevres of Alena Kish - a self-taught artist who worked at the fist half of XX century. Unfortunately, the most of her works are lost. Today some of them are exhibited (not permanent yet) in  The History And Culture Museum-Reserve "ZASLAŬJE" not far from Minsk.

Belarussian decorated carpets are, in fact, big, strongly decorative paintings, that were painted on the primed and painted black canvas background without any subframe or frame.

There were the artists, who wandered around the villages and offered their services to villagers. The most bright and distinctive, undoubtedly, was Alena Kish. No, it isn't she herself on the picture below :). Her carpets are full of inspiration for me because of their incredible level of stilisation, bold composition and unbielivable imagination and sense of style.

Now two of her beautiful creatures will live in my house :)
By the way, I could do the same tray for you! Just ask here or there